MetalPop 2-Year Anniversary! (and a website update)

This week we had our two-year anniversary! We have been surviving as an independent studio for two years now! In June 2013 we exchanged the security of a monthly paycheck for the roller coaster-ride life as independent developers.
Our combined savings back then would have only lasted for six months. We had absolutely zero contract work lined up.
And now, two years later we are still here and doing pretty good.

And to celebrate the occasion not only our but also the Rick Future Game website received a complete makeover! New design, new screenshots, new content and new everything! We hope you like the new look!

There is a bit more work to do though and some new things like the new forum are not up and running yet. You can expect to see some more updates to the site in the next weeks.

Once you are done admiring the improvements to our website here head over to the Rick Future site and see all the new shiny stuff there!