New forum up and running

Well, it just took… forever.. but now the new forum software is up and running. This means we finally have a platform again, to discuss the game, exchange ideas and gather feedback.

Things should be much more stable, more spam free and a lot prettier than last time. As you might notice the forum is running on the MetalPop server with a Rick Future sub forum. This means we will eventually add sub forums for our other games.
As things move on we might also restructure the Rick Future forum itself. Right now it is pretty empty but as things move along we might to split the feedback, idea and general discussion into individual sub forums to keep things organized. Let’s see how things go :)

Our German community should also be happy. We added a special forum just for you guys to discuss in German. But please feel free to also head over to the international part of the forum and help out anybody with their questions over there.

So, waste not time, check out the new forum here and let us know what you think!