Out now: The Deluxe Fantasy Village asset pack is here!

We have some good news for our Unity developers. Our new “Deluxe Fantasy Village” asset pack is  now available in the Unity Asset Store!

Whether you want to get more prefabs for your fantasy themed world or you want to build a completely new fantasy environment, the Deluxe Fantasy Village pack provides you with everything you need.

It contains modular AAA quality assets ready to use for your fantasy project. The over 90 prefabs come with high-res textures (2048×2048 & 4096×4096) and can be used in third-person, first-person and isometric games.

Visit the Unity Asset Store and get it now!

For questions and support you can write us a mail at support@metalpopgames.com or create a post in our forums.

MetalPop goes GDC


We are excited to visit San Francisco this week in order to attend the Games Developers Conference, one of the biggest forums for games professionals world wide.

Until Friday the 18th of March, the Moscone Center in San Francisco will be place to be if you want to exchange ideas and see the future of gaming. Let us know on Facebook or Twitter if you want to meet up!