Crafting Kingdom Patching Palooza

Time for some Crafting Kingdom updates! We have released a couple of patches for Crafting Kingdom over the past couple weeks. And today another big balacing patch hit the stores.
The two biggest changes the latest updates have brought to the game are

  • A new cloud save/load feature
  • Changes to the¬†storage upgrade costs

There have been plenty of other bugfixes of course but the two changes above are most significant.

Cloud Load/Save
With the new, fancy cloud save and load feature you can now easily transfer you game progress to another device without having to restart all over.
The new feature can be foudn in the options menu and is purely optional. If you want to make use of it you have to be logged in into GooglePlay/GameCenter so that your save game can be managed.

New cost for storage upgrades
You guys have been asking for lower storage costs for quite a while now. The latest game update finally makes storage expansions a bit more affordable. While the cost in the early game stays more or less the same, storage is now much cheaper in the late game. We hope that this change will make the late game quests a bit less grindy.

storage_costs(Upgraded Storage Cost)

Of course, there a couple of other balancing changes still left on our to-do list. Thanks again to everybody who has been sending in balancing suggestions, bugs and design ideas. Keep them coming!