Galactic Colonies

After releasing Crafting Kingdom in March last year we got a lot of great feedback for the game. People generally had a lot of fun with the game and now, over one year later, we still have a lot of active players.
We also got a lot of requests for new and additional features to make the game better. Many of those suggestions ended up in one of the many patches we put out over the past couple months. Other things however, we weren’t able to add to the game, simply because they would have been out of scope for the type of game Crafting Kingdom is and would have required extensive rewriting of big parts of the game.
In summer last year we made the decission to start work on a new project, so that we could put all those ideas we had flying around into a new game.
We have been steady at work over the last year working on Galactic Colonies, the spiritual successor to Crafting Kingdom. So far the game has been flying a bit under the radar, but we have made some great progress in the last couple of weeks and the game is now finally in a state where we can show a bit of gameplay.

Check out this screenshot from this week’s development build.

A colony on a jungle planet
(A colony on a tropical planet)

Yep, looks pretty different from Crafting Kingdom. We are not in a fantasy kingdom anymore but in outer space!
The world map also got a ton of new features: Not only is everything in 3d now, but the map is fully interactive and procedurally generated for every planet.
Instead of playing on the same map over and over again, you can now explore a procedurally generated galaxy with thousands of planets, each and every one with a unique map and mission goals.
The game also has a cool new meta mode which allows you to travel from planet to planet.

A space map with planets and a space ship
(The space map)

And finally, the quest system has been reworked. Instead of a random quest list, the game now has a huge techtree with plenty of individual research quests that allow you to unlock new technologies. Each technology that you unlock will provide a powerful bonus for your colony.

A huge techtree with lots of technologies
(The tech tree)

The game still is not ready for release but we are getting there. We will post a bit more information about the game, now that we are getting closer to the release date.
In the meantime, head over to to see more screenshots and get more infos on the gameplay.