Official Beta Launch


This weekend, we have finally promoted the latest Galactic Colonies build into beta phase.

The Android version is live in the store and the iOS build can be tested via Apple’s TestFlight. What this essentially means is that everyone willing to test can just get the game from the PlayStore/AppStore without us having to manuallly add them to a testing list.
You can get the latest version of the game right here:


The live build is more or less feature complete but still has plenty of bugs for you to find :)
The goal of this public beta phase is to weed out all the problems and work on the overall game balancing.
We don’t know how long the game will stay in beta phase before being promoted to full release, but I would expect we will keep it there for a couple of weeks at least.

We love your feedback! You can give us your opinion over on the GC subreddit or hop over to our Discord server to let us know what you think.
Don’t forget, you can always find the release notes for the latest game update right over here.

Thank you and have fun playing!