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  1. mp_admin added a topic in Unity Accessibility Plugin   

    Please don't attach UAP source files to your posts or link to projects containing UAP source code.
    Please be considerate and remember that the UAP source code is protected under copyright.
    This means please do NOT attach UAP source files to your posts. And while you may link to your project, you are not permitted to give out links to projects containing the UAP source code.
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  2. mp_admin added a topic in Unity Accessibility Plugin   

    How to get Posting Rights for this forum
    To receive posting rights for this forum, please send an email with your username and your invoice number from the Unity Asset Store to
    Your invoice number is emailed to you after purchasing UAP on the Asset Store. All invoice numbers are numerical.
    If you do not have your emailed invoice anymore, you can locate your invoice number on on the Asset Store Transactions page.
    This page will list the invoice numbers for all of your purchased assets.

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  3. HolyManfred added a post in a topic My player crosses all the objects in the DemoScene   

    No worries!
    Meshcolliders tend to be rather expensive, using multiple simple colliders might be a good alternative. In a case of a bridge for example using a simple box structure for the floor and the sides might be more beneficial.
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  4. Raúl added a post in a topic My player crosses all the objects in the DemoScene   

    Already I have solved the problem. With a lot of work. I wanted use the scene for a third person game educational.
    I have had to put meshcolliders to every element. Some elements are not really prefabas, it makes the work difficult. And some elements like bridges and terraces had the mesh as a block, this is why I was unable to use its as meshcolliders. For example the rails of the bridges should be independent. My player was walking a meter over the floor of the bridge.
    Apologize for my bad english and my lack of knowledge.
    Thank you for answering.
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  5. HolyManfred added a post in a topic My player crosses all the objects in the DemoScene   

    Hi there!
    I already sent you an email regarding this issue but I'll post here as well.
    Sorry to hear you are having problems with the assets. We’ll try and help you out.
    Regarding the collision: The assets themselves do not have any colliders set up. This is simply the case, because every use case would require different setups, and each collider in the scene costs performance. The easiest way would probably be to add a collider component to each prefab, depending where you need them. It really depends on your use case and if you are doing a first person game or a top down strategy game. If you could provide us with a bit more information about what you are trying to set up we can probably recommend the best steps to take.

    Regarding the wall asset:  I am not sure I understand the issue correctly. Would you be able to send a screenshot, so we can look at the issue and try to solve it?
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  6. mp_admin added a post in a topic iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll   

    Yes, honestly we were quite surprised too! In a good way, of course!
    They have really improved their process - reviews are usually no longer than three days and most of the time we find that beta reviews are even done in less than a day.
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  7. Michelle added a topic in Crafting Kingdom   

    iOS version 1.35 released
    Hi all,
    due to a critical bug we had to pull the iOS version of Crafting Kingdom out of the store last night. The bug was fixed this morning and Apple honored us with an expedited review. The latest version is now back up in the app store!
    Here is the full changelist since version 1.2. The list applies to the iOS version only.
    Adjusted unlock prices for ladder and fishing rodAccessibility no longer turns itself on again after being turned off manuallyAccessibility: Production Details Window and Location Purchase can now be navigated faster with up and down swipesAccessibility: Sell 10 button is now correctly enabled when the product count is high enoughAccessibility: Numbers are now formatted to be better readable with VoiceOverAccessibility: Estate reads out a textual description of how your home currently looks likeAccessibility: Quest reward description for cheaper expansions correctedAccessibility: When changing production to a different product, sale price is now correctly displayed, and slot description adjustedAccessibility: Swipe Recognition on iOS much improvedAccessibility: Swiping down in the map will instantly bring you to the estate now
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  8. Aristai added a post in a topic iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll   

    Fixed in 1.3.5, I've seen cases where Apple delayed a critical fix by days, so this worked pretty well.
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  9. Raúl added a topic in General Support   

    My player crosses all the objects in the DemoScene
    The first thing, forgive if I ask very simple things: I am very new in unity.
    The problem is that my player crosses all the objects in the DemoScene as if they were transparent. If I put a rigidbody and a meshcollider to each object the problem is solved. But it can be a titanic work to modify all the objects (or even the prefabs). In addition I have had problems to modify the wall prefabs (because they are imported? Appears a button "Open" instead "Apply".).
    Some suggestion of how can I do this easier?
    Thank you very much. The FantasyVillage is very nice.
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  10. Aristai added a post in a topic iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll   

    Oh so that's what it is, I found that two-finger gestures seem to work somewhat reliably, because that way I got to the half second point without noticing.
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  11. Michelle added a post in a topic iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll   

    As a sorta mini workaround until the bug fixed version is in the store, you can touch the screen, hold your finger for half a second and then scroll normally. This works on both the world map and in the city.
    Not a fix, just a temporary workaround.
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  12. mp_admin added a post in a topic iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll   

    Yes, thank you a ton for reporting!
    We just realized that the version that got uploaded to the store broke the map scrolling - and anything that requires a finger swipe motion.
    We temporarily took the game down from the store and are working on a fix ASAP!
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  13. Aristai added a topic in Crafting Kingdom   

    iOS Crafting Kingdom 1.3: Unable to scroll
    After updating to what is called version 1.3 on the App store tonight, I find myself unable to scroll. Unfortunately this also affects selling which is limited to a minimal increment.
    Given that I really like this game I tried the following things: Closing and reopening the app, restarting the phone, checking all my other apps for similar flaws, nothing worked. I'm close to turn in my quests, but I think that won't help either and the update is probably at fault. Trying a bit harder I realized that I can indeed still scroll using some awkward two finger movements. It makes the game playable but it's sort of a pain.
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  14. Aristai added a post in a topic new player+reporting a bug+an idea   

    Welcome to this small forum that existed since early beta. It's probably the amount of german that keeps more people from posting here. So having a few english threads is probably good for the community.
    I think your first suggestion could be really useful. Maybe a way to stop logs (and other ingredient type items) from producing when the storage turns red in the city screen would be a good way to achieve this.
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  15. teinyfurball added a topic in Crafting Kingdom   

    new player+reporting a bug+an idea
    Hi all. I just started playing Wednesday and it's way too much fun for my good.  I find myself going for longer than I need to before I restart after completing the quest goals.  I've also got my parents trying it out since it's the closest thing I've found to a game all of us can play and enjoy together, though there isn't really a multiplayer aspect to it.  Sadly, the developers of Hay Day, which does have a multiplayer aspect and which they already play, have not troubled themselves to make their game accessible as far as I know.
    I've discovered what seems to me to be a bug in the course of my playing.  Once your storage reports as full, you cannot make anything more without selling even if what you make would have the net effect of clearing storage space.  For instance, if I'm making ladders and my storage reports as full, I might go to the city and discover that I have 30 logs, 40 timbers and 30 strips of leather in addition to however many ladders. Those are just random numbers for example.  I cannot, however, return to the lumber yard and turn those 30 logs into timber (net gain of 20 in space because it's three logs for one timber thus 30 to 10 all told), nor turn the timber and strips into more ladders (even though doing so would net gain me three storage allowance per ladder from turning the two timbers and two strips into one ladder).
    I also have an idea for a useful feature that could be added in a future update. When you're making something that requires more than one kind of material and you run out, using ladders again as an example, the game could report not simply that you ran out of raw materials, but which material you're lacking.
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  16. Michelle added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    Das stimmt, das System ist stark auf 30 Sekunden Videos optimiert. Ich habe den Code in der aktuellen Android Version angepasst, so dass jetzt auch kürzere Videos besser unterstütz werden. 
    Danke fürs Melden, das war wirklcih hilfreich!
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  17. Aristai added a topic in Crafting Kingdom   

    Schnell-lerner kosten reduzierung
    Ich habe heute morgen meinen dritten Boostslot bekommen und wollte mich mal ordentlich damit austoben.
    Als ich dann die Farm freischalten wollte habe ich mir die Preise im Schloss angeguckt: 63k Fleisch 150k Leder 220k Wolle.
    Triple schnell-lerner: 10K 37K 37K wuhuuu! Im Schloss sehe ich das die Boni addiert wurden Fleisch -85% Leder -75% Wolle -85%.
    Werden damit die Kosten wenn man alle 4 Boosts hat negativ? Gibt es noch eine weitere Freischaltungsquest im Baum?
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  18. Antibruder added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    ich hatte das jetz auch schon einige male mit 30sec videos, danach dann für ca 10 sec das häckenfeld und dann hats das game gecheckt und den bonus aktiviert... ich vermute, dass es an ner serverabfrage hängt.
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  19. Aristai added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    Ich denke ich habs jetzt: Wenn man den Boost startet kommt die Watch a video confirmation box mit dem Zahnrad wo man ja oder nein klicken kann.
    Man klickt den Haken, das spiel geht in den Hintergrund und das video läuft. Ich mache das video zu und komme ins Spiel zurück wo dann mein Boost aktiv ist.
    Die Boost dauer die ich im Spiel sehe wenn es wieder im Vordergrund ist ist im Normalfall 3 Sekunden unter der tatsächlichen Boostdauer, das ist die Zeit die das Spiel braucht um wieder reinzukommen. Allerdings ist da etwas auf 30 Sekunden videos optimiert. Bei diesen funktioniert alles einwandfrei. Ist das Video kürzer ist die confirmation box noch da, und ich kann durch erneutes klicken auf den Haken ein zweites video starten. Diese coin Werbung ist quasi instant da es ein zweistufiges System ist aber bei den gelegentlichen 15 und 20 Sekunden videos kann man den Effekt in leicht abgemilderter Form ebenfalls beobachten. Und genau dann wenn ich meine Theorie noch ein wenig testen möchte, kriege ich 4 30 Sekunden videos in Folge. 
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  20. Aristai added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    Das waers ja, ich hab in den letzten Tagen auch gut reingehauen für den dritten Boost slot. Jetzt sieht es so aus das ich auch bei "normalen" adds wo das video direkt startet ein paar Sekunden nach ende des videos habe wo ich den Haken ein zweites mal klicken könnte. Hab ich aber noch nie gemacht, der Boost wird weiterhin Ordnungsgemäß aktiv wenn man das aussitzt.
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  21. Antibruder added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    so war das anfangs... wenn ich das jetz so mach, dann will er noch ne werbung laufen lassen... wenn ich auf den "get coin" button klick läuft n vid und alles funktioniert problemlos. man sollte evtl dazusagen, dass ich die letzten tage excessiv geboostet hab...^^
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  22. Aristai added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    Ich hab seit gestern auch nur noch coin-werbung von chartboost. Einfach sofort wegblicken und 5-10 Sekunden warten, dann wird der Boost aktiv. Das ist zwar nicht der Sinn der Sache, aber kein echter doppelvideo bug.
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  23. Antibruder added a post in a topic iOS Video Ad Bug   

    ich weiß nicht, obs an der comischen coin-werbung von chartboost liegt, oder obs n bug der app ist, jedenfalls ist mit genannter werbung das doppelvideo-"feature" wieder da
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  24. Aristai added a post in a topic Feedback Quests und mehr   

    Leider nur 20k geschafft gestern, ihr habt also noch ein wenig Zeit :).
    Ich denke ein weg den Questabbruch sinnvoll zu handhaben waere mit steigenden Kosten, je nachdem ob man sofort eine neue Quest bekommt, oder die Quest gesperrt wird und man abgeben muss damit sie ersetzt wird. Im ersten Fall muesste das deutlich teurer sein, ansonsten hat man effektiv freie Questwahl implementiert. Ist natuerlich die Frage ob einen das kratzt. Ich denke so wie das Spiel momentan gebalanced ist, dauert es auch mit optimalen Quests noch relativ lang. Und es gibt ja auch relativ wenige Hassquests:Kupfer, Wolle, ich wuerd das Lager jetzt gar nicht mitzaehlen, weil die Belohnung so stark ist das man das sicher irgendwann machen wird, wahrscheinlich zusammen mit dem naechsten Push am Landsitz.
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  25. Aristai added a post in a topic Feedback Quests und mehr   

    Quest abbrechen ist ein guter knopf, den sollte man haben, ob der was kostet, oder irgendwie anders limitiert ist ist ne gute Frage.
    Zu dem neuen Auswahlsystem:
    Es waere gut, weil man so nicht ungewollt Quests ueberspringen kann. Es hiesse aber auch das man wenn man einmal ins Late game reinschaut, erst alle 1000er Quests machen muss bevor man zum Beispiel 50000 Eisenerz kriegt (das ist meiner Ansicht nach eine der staerksten Quests midgame weil sie erlaubt den Steinbruch klein zu halten, ansonsten braucht man fuer 12 metall nen 16er steinbruch und der ist verflucht teuer und viel Klickerei.
    Die naechste Spannende frage ist wo man die Goldsack, lager und boost quests einsortiert. Wenn ihr das mit der Truhenquest und einer Quest Baue x Erweiterungen fuer Gebaeude y einbaut gibt es generell mehr auswahl und weniger sell x of y quests. Das waere schonmal gut.
    Insgesamt hat die reroll oder abbruch mechanik den groessten Einfluss auf den Spielspass, da man ansonsten einfach tote slots hat wenn man bestimmte brecher zu frueh zieht.
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