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    UpdateContainerActivations in Update() modifies focus state even if plugin is disabled
    Good afternoon!
    First: thanks for your hard work on the plugin everyone. I was able to get a visual novel ready for blind accessibility in a 24-hour period thanks to your efforts!
    That said I've discovered some interesting side effects. In particular, the AccessibleUIGroupRoot's continue to suffer their activation and deactivation side effects even if the plugin is disabled. This can be a bummer if you're using specific selection routines in the full-sighted game modes; in my case I present a list of options and want a default "empty" object selected at the top of the list until navigation for example, but the AccessibleButton at the top of the list (rightfully in t2s but poorly here) takes control over my efforts during UpdateContainerActivations.
    Moving UpdateContainerActivations past the `m_isEnabled` check seems to resolve the issue. Might wanna consider going back into mainline on it tho.
    Thanks again!
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