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Summer Update

It is waaay past time for  another game update. Especially since a lot has happened in the past months! As you have probably seen, production progress has been rather slow and we didn’t have much new material to show in the past weeks. Although the game code is in a stable state and the location models are looking good we didn’t put as much time in the game in the past weeks as we would have liked to. The reason for this is, once again, our old nemesis: Funding. In order to keep the lights on we had to take on a lot of new contract work, which in turn, was taking up a lot of time that would otherwise have spent on the game.
While the funding situation for Rick Future looked very promising around end of last year, we had quite a few setbacks, with interested parties pulling out. So in a nutshell: Rick Future is still not funded and no publishing deal is in place at this time. We will keep on trying and pitching the game, but getting a good old point and click game signed these days is pretty hard.

What does this mean for the game: Progress over the next months will probably be very slow with not much new material to show. We know this is not really great news, especially for people who have been following the game a while and hope to see new material.

However, those of you who follow us on the various social media platforms have probably seen that we have put a bit of time into one of our other games ( The game is a fun little coop twin-stick shooter, and surprisingly much, much easier to pitch than Rick Future. Hence the project has gotten a minimum of funding and we could put some time in and push the game forward.

We will keep on posting updates in regards to the development and especially the funding situation, so you guys know how things are moving along.

New forum up and running

Well, it just took… forever.. but now the new forum software is up and running. This means we finally have a platform again, to discuss the game, exchange ideas and gather feedback.

Things should be much more stable, more spam free and a lot prettier than last time. As you might notice the forum is running on the MetalPop server with a Rick Future sub forum. This means we will eventually add sub forums for our other games.
As things move on we might also restructure the Rick Future forum itself. Right now it is pretty empty but as things move along we might to split the feedback, idea and general discussion into individual sub forums to keep things organized. Let’s see how things go :)

Our German community should also be happy. We added a special forum just for you guys to discuss in German. But please feel free to also head over to the international part of the forum and help out anybody with their questions over there.

So, waste not time, check out the new forum here and let us know what you think!

What’s next?

Just a quick update for you guys today, so you know what’s up next.


First of all: Thank you guys for the feedback on Evi’s wip 3D model. Thanks to everybody submitting their opinion. This is really helpful for us! We have collected everything and will take it into account when the model is being finalized. Evi’s model will get a final pass in the future, we just don’t have a concrete date for it yet. We are looking forward to see if we can manage and get a bit closer to what you guys like best :)

Where is the Forum?

I know it sucks that you are limited to only discuss the game in the comments right now. Ever since the old forum has gone down it has been a bit difficult to exchange feedback.
We are expecting to have the new forum up and running next week. The tech is solid and we just have to integrate it properly into the new webpage. With the new forum up we can finally get the game’s community up and running.
Since we have quite a huge community already among the German speaking players we were also thinking of adding a German sub forum for the German community to exchange. Let’s see how that goes and if there is enough interest. We might also add sub forums in other languages, in case things go well.

Whats up next?

Since many of you have been asking, what’s up next, here is a bit of info for you: The top items on our list right now are finishing up the bridge of the Eric, getting the concepts  for some of the newer locations ready and improve the location system (that is the part of the game that loads and unloads stuff when you go from one room to another).
We will have some shiny new stuff for you soon, so stay tuned :)

Good job, you read through all this text and I think it is time to reward you with an image!  Have a look at the latest piece of work form Colin, our concept artist. We won’t tell you what exactly it is though, so stay tuned for more info on this location soon :)

A first concept of one of the work-in-progress locations.

A first concept of one of the work-in-progress locations.


Steam Greenlight

Thanks for everyone who already voted for us on Steam Greenlight. If you haven’t voted yet, we would love your support:

Help us get greenlit and get Rick Future on Steam!

On the move

Looks like we will finally be moving out of our beloved guest/office/work room at home and find something a bit more spacious.
Our server is also looking forward to get out of the closet (haha) and be replaced by a nice new piece of harware in the cloud.
We will post some pictures soon!
And for those of you wondering why working from home can be both awesome and horrible, click here:

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