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Some location updates

In the past weeks we have been playing around with some of the game’s locations. Although we pretty much know what we need, we have not decided on the final look of some of the locations. That is why we would like to share some of the current work-in-progress stuff with you.
Check out some concept art of the interior of the Eric below.
This is a concept of the cargo hold of the Eric where quite a few key scenes will take part. The big hatch in the background will allow our heroes to transfer from the ship to various planets.
The above concept is a work-in-progress image of one of the Erics corridors connecting the various rooms in the ship.
We have a couple more locations in the works right now, so you can look forward to some more updates in the future.


Yesterday Valve gave the so called ‘green light’ for Rick Future!
This pretty much means we got the ok from Valve to publish the game on their Steam distribution platform.
This is really great news, since it allows us to distribute the game directly on Steam without working together with a publisher.
Although we are still far away from finishing the game and there is still a lot of work left to be done, it is good to know that distributing the game digitally just got a lot easier.
Sven, Michelle and Sascha would like to say Thank You to you guys for helping us and voting for Rick Future on Steam!
If you want to learn more about Steam Greenlight, or just see the Rick Future page for it, here is the link:

Finally found some new space

After a lot of searching we finally found  a small office space in east Orlando which fits for us (and our budget :) ). Obviously this also means the end of our trusty office-guest-laundry-server room at home. We had some good times in there, but now it’s time to move on!

The place is still pretty empty and it will take us some more time to fill it up with affordable furniture and hardware. We’ll provide some pictures soon when we go and buy the first things. Until then Sascha already secured the most critical piece of equipment: A stylish Chuck Norris wall calendar. There is no way we could work without that!
It really ties the room together…

Steam Greenlight

Thanks for everyone who already voted for us on Steam Greenlight. If you haven’t voted yet, we would love your support:

Help us get greenlit and get Rick Future on Steam!

On the move

Looks like we will finally be moving out of our beloved guest/office/work room at home and find something a bit more spacious.
Our server is also looking forward to get out of the closet (haha) and be replaced by a nice new piece of harware in the cloud.
We will post some pictures soon!
And for those of you wondering why working from home can be both awesome and horrible, click here:

Steam Game

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