What’s next?

Just a quick update for you guys today, so you know what’s up next.


First of all: Thank you guys for the feedback on Evi’s wip 3D model. Thanks to everybody submitting their opinion. This is really helpful for us! We have collected everything and will take it into account when the model is being finalized. Evi’s model will get a final pass in the future, we just don’t have a concrete date for it yet. We are looking forward to see if we can manage and get a bit closer to what you guys like best :)

Where is the Forum?

I know it sucks that you are limited to only discuss the game in the comments right now. Ever since the old forum has gone down it has been a bit difficult to exchange feedback.
We are expecting to have the new forum up and running next week. The tech is solid and we just have to integrate it properly into the new webpage. With the new forum up we can finally get the game’s community up and running.
Since we have quite a huge community already among the German speaking players we were also thinking of adding a German sub forum for the German community to exchange. Let’s see how that goes and if there is enough interest. We might also add sub forums in other languages, in case things go well.

Whats up next?

Since many of you have been asking, what’s up next, here is a bit of info for you: The top items on our list right now are finishing up the bridge of the Eric, getting the concepts  for some of the newer locations ready and improve the location system (that is the part of the game that loads and unloads stuff when you go from one room to another).
We will have some shiny new stuff for you soon, so stay tuned :)

Good job, you read through all this text and I think it is time to reward you with an image!  Have a look at the latest piece of work form Colin, our concept artist. We won’t tell you what exactly it is though, so stay tuned for more info on this location soon :)

A first concept of one of the work-in-progress locations.

A first concept of one of the work-in-progress locations.


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