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Welcome the the FAQ section of the Rick Future webpage. Whatever you want to know about the game, we’ll try to answer your questions here!
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Q: What is Rick Future?

Rick Future is an independently developed point&click adventure, created by MetalPop LLC.
It is based on ‘Rick Future’ – a German audio play series, produced by Sven Matthias, now running in the third season! Check it out here: (if you speak German that is )
Note: You don’t need to know the series to play the game.

Q: When will the game be released?

A: As of now, we are aiming for a 2016 release. But it is terribly hard to predict the exact date. So, pretty much ‘when it’s done…’

Q: Is there a release planned for Linux, Mac, PlayStation 3, XBox 360 or any other platform?

A: Currently only a Windows PC release is planned at the moment. Nothing is carved in stone yet though. More info will be coming soon.

Q: Is this game, like the audio plays, going to be free?

A: No. The game will be published on Steam and other platforms for a small amount of money.
Why? Production of a game can be very expensive. Although we would like to offer the game for free, we have a lot of costs to cover, which we have paid out of our own pocket so far (software, tools, licenses, assets and many more). Also, digital distribution platforms like Steam will allow us to get the game to a much larger audience.

Q: What if I don’t like Steam, Origin and all those download platforms?

A: Digital distribution of the game is the only way for us to bring the game to you guys. Since we are a very small independent team, we have to rely on platforms like Steam to distribute the game. We would love to ship the game in good old boxes as well, but we have no solid plans on this yet.

Q: What type of game is ‘Rick Future’?

A: ‘Rick Future’ is a modern point and click adventure game set in the Rick Future universe from the audio play series.
Note: You don’t need to know the series to play the game.

Q: So there are three playable characters?

A: Correct! You will not only be able to play Rick but also Hubert and Evi, the other two crew members of the Eric.

Q: How long will the game be?

A: We currently estimate a playtime of around ten hours for the single player story of the game. Being an adventure game with lots of puzzles it is of course hard to say how long each player will need to progress through certain locations and solve the various puzzles.

Q: What 3D engine are you using? I thought this is CryENGINE?

A: Early prototypes of Rick Future have been developed using CryENGINE 3. During the development we switched to Unity 5 in order to benefit from the lower system requirements and the multi-platform features. Some of the older screenshots you see here on the website might be from early CryENGINE versions, while the newer screenshots were made in Unity.

Q: Where is Garlyn?

A: Garlyn – the fourth crew member of the Eric in the audio plays – will not be part of the game.  The game takes places earlier in the Rick Future timeline, when Garlyn wasn’t yet part of the crew. In order to not mess up the space-time-game-continuum, Garlyn will therefore not be present in the adventure.

Q: Who are you?

A: We are a small indie game studio with headquarters in Orlando, Florida. Together with Sven Matthias, the creator of Rick Future, we started development in July 2011. Early in 2012 we founded and registered MetalPop LLC to be able to commercially release the Rick Future game once it is done.

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