Screenshots, concepts and other shiny things

This is where you can find the latest screenshots, illustrations, and work in progress graphics of the game.

Latest Screenshots

Here are some more or less up to date shots that reflect the current state of the game. As usual, nothing is final of course and should be considered work-in-progress. Click on the thumbnails to see a larger version of the image.

RF_Oct_2015_1 RF_Jun_2015_1 RF_Jun_2015_8 RF_Jun_2015_9 RF_Jun_2015_6 

Concepts and Illustrations

The following images have been created before work on the actual game assets has been started. Before a 3D asset is actually built a piece of concept art is created and will serve as a reference for the artist creating the object or environment. Check out these concepts and illustrations:

concept_corridor  concept_cargohold concept_wilcos concept_security_station

Older Prototype stuff

We have a couple of older shots for you taken from the early prototype versions of the game. Although things have changed a lot since the beginning of the project we like to leave these screenshots up here, so you guys can see the direction the game developed in. Often these shots show features or elements who have been removed or changed so don’t get confused if you see something in there that doesn’t match the latest news and screenshots :)



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