Time for some introductions! In the game you have full control over three different characters: Rick, Hubert and Evi.
You can switch between the three main characters at any time. In fact, in order to solve certain puzzles it will become necessary to utilize the different abilities of the characters.
Sometimes only the witty Rick Future will be able to talk to one of the game’s characters and convince him to help the heroes, while at other times a computers might only be hacked by the female android Evi or a heavy object might only be lifted by the strong and tall Golowonian alien Hubert.

Each of our heroes provides a unique play style and switching between characters adds an interesting and new layer to the traditional adventure gameplay.


Rick Future

rick_bioRick is the captain of the Eric, an old Terran freighter. Born shortly before the downfall of Earth, Rick spent a good part of his life as an orphan on planet Mars where he grew up in the slums of Trillidos.
As a young man he left the red planet to explore the milky way and try his luck among the stars. His journey was short lived though. Not long after starting his trip he wound up in the claws of the Izlaaks, a human hating race of space travelers. Imprisoned on the infamous prison ship Replika IV Rick almost abandoned all hope. During his long months of rotting away in the space prison he met the Golowonian Hubert. Working together they managed to escape from their deadly confinement and a friendship was forged between the two which lasts to this day.

When Rick and Hubert are not currently improving their finances by engaging in not completely legal cargo transportation jobs, they are working as freelancers for the intergalactic security agency. These assignments often plunge them in dangerous situations in even more dangerous sectors of the galaxy. But somewhere in between all this trouble Rick enjoys the adrenaline and thrill that this way of live brings with it.

He also hasn’t yet abandoned hope that his journeys will, one day, lead him to find his father, who has been missing ever since the downfall of the earth. Rick doesn’t know if his father is alive or not – only that important parts of his own past are still hidden in the shadows and his father might be the only one to ever solve that mystery for him.



Born on the ice planet Golwonia, Hubert turned to the stars and left his militaristic race behind to explore the galaxy on his own. His journey came to an abrupt end when he was captured and imprisoned by the insectoid Izlaaks. Locked up on the prison ship Replika IV he met the Terran named Rick Future. Despite a rough first meeting Hubert and Rick managed to escape their captors. After fighting their way back to freedom both space travelers became friends and acquired a run down cargo ship, called Eric, which they now use to take on contract work for the intergalactic security agency.

Their jobs and freelancing contracts lead them to all corners of the galaxy. During many of those dangerous assignments both Hubert and Rick saved each others skin more than once. As a pragmatic thinking Golowonian Hubert is often the voice of reason in situations where Rick’s lust for adventure gets the better of him.

As chief engineer of the Eric no one quite knows the ship like he does. And even if there is sometimes a bit of friction between him, Rick and Evi – he always sees it as his duty to protect his friends from the dangers the galaxy has in stock for them.



Originally created by her maker Bran Jasra under the name of Model EV-A 2 and nick named Evi by Rick, she is everything but an ordinary android. Evi’s metallic body contains remnants of a human consciousness – one that can be quite stubborn at times. After Rick purchased her as the Eric’s ship maintenance android on the infamous black market of Kantos, Evi soon became a valuable member of the Eric’s crew. She is highly intelligent, equipped with a multitude of useful sensors and her looks can, thanks to a built in high intensity laser, literally kill.
Hence provoking Evi is generally not a good idea, even though she is mostly quite balanced and peaceful.

Her loyalty towards Rick is not just a part of her programming. Being close to him stirs up feelings inside her which she should not even be capable of experiencing. She would walk through fire and water for Rick, even though she is afraid it might break her artificial heart.


The main storyline of the game will have our heroes chase after a long lost treasure in one of the most dangerous sectors of our galaxy. There they will meet many colorful characters, solve challenging puzzles and explore the rich sci-fi world the Rick Future universe has to offer.


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