So who is actually making this game?


Rick Future is developed by MetalPop Games, an Orlando, FL based independent game development studio. Most of us are former Crytek developers and found together in 2013 to make games, drink beer and have fun. Head over to our website to get more info about who we are and what we are doing!

Rick Future is developed in collaboration with the team of the Rick Future audio-play series and its creator Sven Matthias. Making a good adventure game isn’t easy, so we have artists, coders and writers working on the game around the clock.

Feel free to get in touch with us! Drop us an email at with any questions or requests!


Partners and Friends

It’s always good to have friends! The games industry is a friendly place and there are plenty of amazing people working in it. Check out the websites of our friends and partners!

Berker Siino

Berker Siino, the master of polygons, makes sure everything in our game looks as good as it does. He is an experienced 3D character and environment artist and is responsible for most of the art in the game. Check out his work at his website:

Sven Matthias

Sven Matthias is the master mind behind the Rick Future story and characters. If you are fluent in German, head over to his website and check it out:

Dane Rahlmeyer

Dane is co-author of the Rick Future scripts and storylines and when he’s not busy working on Rick Future, he is writing books, short-film scripts and radio dramas. You can find his webpage here:

Tim Gössler

Tim is a music composer, voice actor and sound designer. When you hear music, sound effects or anything else that sounds cool in our game it was most likely created by him.

Colin M. Winkler

Colin is a fantastic concept artist and illustrator. He is also involved with the project and has created a lot of amazing illustrations for the game. You can find his webpage here:

The Rick Future Radio Dramas

Head over and check out the German page of the original Rick Future Radio dramas. There are a lot of episodes, extras and specials along with a lot of bonus material waiting for you.

This way:


The Nevigo guys are the creators of the awesome ArticyDraft authoring software, a neat piece of software really helpful for game design. Have a look at their tool here:

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