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Rick Future

Classic Point and Click Fun!

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Crafting Kingdom


Today we finally released our latest game, Crafting Kingdom. The game started as a small side project and then blossomed into a small, neat incremental crafting game.
The game is out now on Android and iOS ready for you to play. You can get it here:

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What is Crafting Kingdom?

In its core, the game is an incremental clicker. However, the game focuses a lot on crafting resources, producing goods and then selling them. You start out small, chopping logs in your lumberyard and selling them. Eventually you will work your way up and be able to buy new buildings and production facilities which allow you to produce more valuable goods.

screenshot_1_hd  screenshot_3_hd screenshot_4_hd

The game does have quite some unique elements to it though. For one, all the goods that are being produced need to be stored somewhere, and hence managing and expanding your storage becomes more difficult as you progress through the game. Furthermore, in order to sell the most valuable goods in the game, the player needs to set up rather complex production chains. Resources can be used to craft products of higher values, which can then be combined into new, more expensive, products. It sounds easy in theory but in the late-game phase it can get difficult really quickly when you need to balance multiple resources and set up your production chains so that they produce at peak efficiency while you are offline.

All this is wrapped up in a lot of meta game elements, such as a quest system that works in tandem with a traditional ascension mechanic. Each player also has their own estate. The estate is a kind of castle the player can build out over time to gain more permanent boni.
Enough said, head over to the stors and give it a try!


Decals in Unity

We have been busy! If you want to have a look at the latest progress of Beer Defense Force, our twin stick shooter game, head over to the BDF page and check out our post about Unity terrain and decal tech.

Here you go!



#gamedev Stream VOD

We were happy to welcome Steve ‘Stevinho’ Krömer for another #gamedev and Beer Defense Force stream to our office in Orlando.

This time we started a little game jam and developed a small but epic game called “Call of Krömer”, which will be available in the near future. And of course we got some Beer Defense Force updates for you.

If you missed the stream, you might want to check out the (German) VOD:

We hope to see you in our future streams and in our forums!

In unserer deutschen Forenrubrik haben wir einen Feedback-Thread angelegt. Wir freuen uns dort über euer Feedback zum Stream und natürlich auch über rege Diskussionen zu Beer Defense Force, Call of Krömer und zur Spieleentwicklung im Allgemeinen!

Unseren Gast Steve “Stevinho” Krömer findet ihr auch auf:

Youtube, Twitter und im Just Network!

Fantastic Update

A beautiful fantasy village.

Just to let you know: we recently updated our lovely Fantasy Asset Set in the Unity asset store. We added a bunch of new LOD assets along with a few other tweaks.
In case you haven’t checked it out yet, go here and have a look.
We are also planning to add more assets to the pack in the future. Now go and buy a copy, or ten or twenty, …

Beer Defense Force Livestream VOD

As always it was a pleasure to visit Stevinho and the Crew to show our progress on Beer Defense Force and talk about game development. If you couldn’t make it to yesterday’s livestream, you can now watch the whole show as VOD on Twitch.

Part 1

Part 2

Thanks for watching and thanks for having us, Steve!