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Official Beta Launch


This weekend, we have finally promoted the latest Galactic Colonies build into beta phase.

The Android version is live in the store and the iOS build can be tested via Apple’s TestFlight. What this essentially means is that everyone willing to test can just get the game from the PlayStore/AppStore without us having to manuallly add them to a testing list.
You can get the latest version of the game right here:


The live build is more or less feature complete but still has plenty of bugs for you to find :)
The goal of this public beta phase is to weed out all the problems and work on the overall game balancing.
We don’t know how long the game will stay in beta phase before being promoted to full release, but I would expect we will keep it there for a couple of weeks at least.

We love your feedback! You can give us your opinion over on the GC subreddit or hop over to our Discord server to let us know what you think.
Don’t forget, you can always find the release notes for the latest game update right over here.

Thank you and have fun playing!

60fps on low-end devices

In our upcoming game Galactic Colonies, players can build huge colonies with hundreds of buildings. With that much going on on-screen, we had to work hard to keep a stable framerate even on low-end devices, and prevent phones from overheating.

Michelle recently wrote an article about that very topic and our friends over at Unity were kind enough to publish it in their Buffbot section. In the article we share some technical insights on how we approached this problem and how we managed to render all those huge colonies without your mobile phones melting.

Check out the article over on the Unity website and see how we squeeze all those great looking pixels on your device.


Galactic Colonies

After releasing Crafting Kingdom in March last year we got a lot of great feedback for the game. People generally had a lot of fun with the game and now, over one year later, we still have a lot of active players.
We also got a lot of requests for new and additional features to make the game better. Many of those suggestions ended up in one of the many patches we put out over the past couple months. Other things however, we weren’t able to add to the game, simply because they would have been out of scope for the type of game Crafting Kingdom is and would have required extensive rewriting of big parts of the game.
In summer last year we made the decission to start work on a new project, so that we could put all those ideas we had flying around into a new game.
We have been steady at work over the last year working on Galactic Colonies, the spiritual successor to Crafting Kingdom. So far the game has been flying a bit under the radar, but we have made some great progress in the last couple of weeks and the game is now finally in a state where we can show a bit of gameplay.

Check out this screenshot from this week’s development build.

A colony on a jungle planet
(A colony on a tropical planet)

Yep, looks pretty different from Crafting Kingdom. We are not in a fantasy kingdom anymore but in outer space!
The world map also got a ton of new features: Not only is everything in 3d now, but the map is fully interactive and procedurally generated for every planet.
Instead of playing on the same map over and over again, you can now explore a procedurally generated galaxy with thousands of planets, each and every one with a unique map and mission goals.
The game also has a cool new meta mode which allows you to travel from planet to planet.

A space map with planets and a space ship
(The space map)

And finally, the quest system has been reworked. Instead of a random quest list, the game now has a huge techtree with plenty of individual research quests that allow you to unlock new technologies. Each technology that you unlock will provide a powerful bonus for your colony.

A huge techtree with lots of technologies
(The tech tree)

The game still is not ready for release but we are getting there. We will post a bit more information about the game, now that we are getting closer to the release date.
In the meantime, head over to to see more screenshots and get more infos on the gameplay.

May Madness Sale

Unity’s May Madness sale is still going on until May 11th!
If you didn’t get the chance yet, head over to the asset store and see whats on sale. This is also a good opportunity to get you hands on our asset packages and plugins. Both the UAP and the Deluxe Fantasy Village are 30% off!

UI Accessibility Plugin

Deluxe Fantasy Village
A beautiful fantasy village.

Have fun creating!

MetalPop Games @ GDC

It is that time of the year again!
The MetalPop team is leaving to beautiful San Francisco again, for a week of video game awesomness! While we are there doing business we are of course looking forward to all the cool talks and great developers to meet.
We would love to meet all of you, so just ping us and let us know if you would like to hang out!

The official logo of the GDC 2018.
GDC 2018

Project: N.E.O.N.

This month we took part in the Unity Connect Neon Challenge. We crunched out a short realtime rendered video which showcases Unity’s realtime capabilites. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.
And if you think those assets in the video look familiar, it is because they do :) We build many of those assets back in the day for our sci-fi adventure game Rick Future. We threw all the old stuff into Unity and polished it up.
Check out our entry, thevideo and screenshtos below:

Project: N.E.O.N. – Unity Connect Challenge

Also, don’t forget to give us a Like, so we can win the community award.


The Mega Sale is on!

Good news for all those of you who haven’t yet checked out our Unity assetstore packages. Unity is doing a big ‘Mega Sale’ and all our assets are 30% off right now, up until December 8th!

This means that you can get both our UAP plugin and the ‘Fantasy Village Asset Set’ for 30% off. Hooray!
Just click the links below to go to the Asset Store and download the assets.




Crafting Kingdom Patching Palooza

Time for some Crafting Kingdom updates! We have released a couple of patches for Crafting Kingdom over the past couple weeks. And today another big balacing patch hit the stores.
The two biggest changes the latest updates have brought to the game are

  • A new cloud save/load feature
  • Changes to the storage upgrade costs

There have been plenty of other bugfixes of course but the two changes above are most significant.

Cloud Load/Save
With the new, fancy cloud save and load feature you can now easily transfer you game progress to another device without having to restart all over.
The new feature can be foudn in the options menu and is purely optional. If you want to make use of it you have to be logged in into GooglePlay/GameCenter so that your save game can be managed.

New cost for storage upgrades
You guys have been asking for lower storage costs for quite a while now. The latest game update finally makes storage expansions a bit more affordable. While the cost in the early game stays more or less the same, storage is now much cheaper in the late game. We hope that this change will make the late game quests a bit less grindy.

storage_costs(Upgraded Storage Cost)

Of course, there a couple of other balancing changes still left on our to-do list. Thanks again to everybody who has been sending in balancing suggestions, bugs and design ideas. Keep them coming!