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Rick Future

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Project: N.E.O.N.

This month we took part in the Unity Connect Neon Challenge. We crunched out a short realtime rendered video which showcases Unity’s realtime capabilites. Check out the video below and let us know what you think.
And if you think those assets in the video look familiar, it is because they do :) We build many of those assets back in the day for our sci-fi adventure game Rick Future. We threw all the old stuff into Unity and polished it up.
Check out our entry, thevideo and screenshtos below:

Project: N.E.O.N. – Unity Connect Challenge

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The Mega Sale is on!

Good news for all those of you who haven’t yet checked out our Unity assetstore packages. Unity is doing a big ‘Mega Sale’ and all our assets are 30% off right now, up until December 8th!

This means that you can get both our UAP plugin and the ‘Fantasy Village Asset Set’ for 30% off. Hooray!
Just click the links below to go to the Asset Store and download the assets.




Crafting Kingdom Patching Palooza

Time for some Crafting Kingdom updates! We have released a couple of patches for Crafting Kingdom over the past couple weeks. And today another big balacing patch hit the stores.
The two biggest changes the latest updates have brought to the game are

  • A new cloud save/load feature
  • Changes to the storage upgrade costs

There have been plenty of other bugfixes of course but the two changes above are most significant.

Cloud Load/Save
With the new, fancy cloud save and load feature you can now easily transfer you game progress to another device without having to restart all over.
The new feature can be foudn in the options menu and is purely optional. If you want to make use of it you have to be logged in into GooglePlay/GameCenter so that your save game can be managed.

New cost for storage upgrades
You guys have been asking for lower storage costs for quite a while now. The latest game update finally makes storage expansions a bit more affordable. While the cost in the early game stays more or less the same, storage is now much cheaper in the late game. We hope that this change will make the late game quests a bit less grindy.

storage_costs(Upgraded Storage Cost)

Of course, there a couple of other balancing changes still left on our to-do list. Thanks again to everybody who has been sending in balancing suggestions, bugs and design ideas. Keep them coming!


Unity Accessibility plugin


It’s plugin time!
Today the good folks at Unity were so kind as to approve our new accessibility plugin to be released in the Unity Asset Store!

After a lot of work, testing and fine tuning the Unity Accessibility Plugin, or UAP for short, has now been officially released.

What is it?

What is the UAP? The plugin allows you to make your Unity games fully accessible to blind and visually impaired players by ‘making your UI speak’.

Unity is a great engine, but out of the box it does not support any of the screen readers on Android, iOS or Windows, which means that making your game accessible isn’t that easy.

This is where the UAP comes in and does the job for you. Making your UI accessible is super simple and just requires a few clicks.
Don’t believe us? Check out this basic tutorial video <LINK> to see how easy it is.

In a nutshell, here is what the plugin can do:

– Reach visually impaired players!
– Supports Android and iOS
– Works like VoiceOver/TalkBack
– Easy setup with a few clicks!
– Full C# source code!
– UGUI & NGUI compatible!
– Excellent support: Documentation, examples, tutorials!

Accessibility Kingdom

The UAP did already have a successful test run. We made our latests incremental strategy game Crafting Kingdom accessible using the plugin. The feedback from the blind community was great and all the visually impaired players out there helped us to test the plugin thoroughly.

Having the plugin tested by hundreds of blind players was extremely useful and helped us to find and fix a lot of issues and add new features.

So, if you want to make your game accessible, just head over to the Unity Asset Store and check out the plugin.

You can get the plugin here.

A basic tutorial video is right here.

The full documentation can be found here.

And if you want to know what will be added in the future, take a look at the project roadmap.
No post is complete without a few colorful images. So, check out those screenshots!





Crafting Kingdom


Today we finally released our latest game, Crafting Kingdom. The game started as a small side project and then blossomed into a small, neat incremental crafting game.
The game is out now on Android and iOS ready for you to play. You can get it here:

app_store_badge go_play_badge

What is Crafting Kingdom?

In its core, the game is an incremental clicker. However, the game focuses a lot on crafting resources, producing goods and then selling them. You start out small, chopping logs in your lumberyard and selling them. Eventually you will work your way up and be able to buy new buildings and production facilities which allow you to produce more valuable goods.

screenshot_1_hd  screenshot_3_hd screenshot_4_hd

The game does have quite some unique elements to it though. For one, all the goods that are being produced need to be stored somewhere, and hence managing and expanding your storage becomes more difficult as you progress through the game. Furthermore, in order to sell the most valuable goods in the game, the player needs to set up rather complex production chains. Resources can be used to craft products of higher values, which can then be combined into new, more expensive, products. It sounds easy in theory but in the late-game phase it can get difficult really quickly when you need to balance multiple resources and set up your production chains so that they produce at peak efficiency while you are offline.

All this is wrapped up in a lot of meta game elements, such as a quest system that works in tandem with a traditional ascension mechanic. Each player also has their own estate. The estate is a kind of castle the player can build out over time to gain more permanent boni.
Enough said, head over to the stors and give it a try!